The term Archangel means an “An Angel of a Higher Kind” or “Chief Angel” which makes sense that 4 Archangels are associated with four Usui symbols. The archangels take care of people by improving and guiding them in every aspect of life. They help us to heal or facilitate healing when called upon with a pure heart. Archangels do not believe in any religion or caste or creed.


archangels and usui symbols


Archangel Michael – Represents Usui Symbol Dai Ko Myo archangel michael

Archangel Michael is in charge of truth, justice, and protection. He is also known for the following:

  • Granting miracles
  • Getting rid of toxins and lower energies
  • Overseeing a healer’s life purpose
  • Assisting if you are under a psychic attack
  • Helping with demanding job or demanding boss


Archangel Gabriel – Represents Usui Symbol Cho Ku Rei

Archangel Gabriel is the only female in charge of communication. She represents white and purple light. She also assists with the following:archangel gabriel- reiki

  • Helps to open your third eye chakra if it’s closed.
  • Finding inspiration or expressing yourself
  • Bringing news of conception or may help you conceive if you want a child
  • Knows your soul’s plan and helps you stay on your life’s path
  • Supports women who have been raped


Archangel Raphael – Represents Usui Symbol Sei Hei Ki

Archangel Raphael is the most jovial, friendly, sweet and loving  of all the angels. He takes great interest in helping those that ask. He is also known for:

  • Helping healers become better
  • Granting miracles, grace and love
  • Helping you heal from mental, emotional and physical pain
  • Assisting with finding lost soul mates and lost pets
  • Helping when traveling


Archangel Uriel – Represents Usui Symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Archangel Uriel is the wisest archangel due to his intellectual information and brilliance in problem solving. He subtly answers prayers in sudden and brilliant ways. He also assists with the following:

  • Releasing painful memories and burdens of the past
  • Healing the earth and all natural calamities
  • Angel of Transmutation and Transformation

You can also call upon the Archangels to assist you during your self healings. Check out this article on Reiki Self Healing. If you would like to learn more about Archangels, this is a great book by Melanie Beckler.