Writing your desires in a journal is a great way to help you manifest your dreams and wishes. There are many different journals but we’ve selected 5 of our favorite journals for manifestation.

A manifestation journal is simply a tool that assists you with creating your reality by writing down what your dream life would look like. Add in gratitude and self love affirmations, and you will have the perfect Law of Attraction tool.


5 Best Manifestation Journals

These are 5 of our favorite manifesting journals in no particular order. Whatever you are looking for in a journal, these all have unique techniques and exercises.

Learn to open your heart to an ancient truth by following the guidance for developing daily habits and reconstruct your worldview that leads to your extravagant wealth, health, joy and happiness. 

Each person was created in the image of the Creator with an ability to change their lives according to what they imagine to believe.

This workbook is packed with lots of different Law of Attraction techniques, exercises and tools to help you manifest the life of your dreams!

This journal is suitable for beginners and the experienced in this topic.

This guided journal will help you cultivate gratitude through the exercise of mindfulness and journaling. 

Each page of the journal includes space to record expressions of gratitude, personal affirmations, memories of positive interactions, and commentaries on the significance of it all.

This super simple manifestation journal focuses on what works to help make your desires come to life.

No matter what it is that you want, this manifestation planner will help you focus on your intentions and make you a deliberate creator of your life.

Reconnect with your true self and dare to dream big again.

This journal includes easy creative writing prompts to get rid of negativity and beliefs that no longer serve you, replacing them with gratitude, fun, hope, and joy. 

Tips for Writing in Your Manifestation Journal

1. Clear your mind. I always meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes. Meditation will help you relax and focus on your intention.

2. Imagine in your mind how wonderful it will feel once you attain your goals or desires. Feel that excitement and contentment throughout your entire body.

3. After you’re done visualizing, write down what you visualized in your mind. It doesn’t have to be written perfectly. Just jot down what comes to mind and try not to force it.  Just take deep breaths, and continue writing when you’re ready.

4. Lastly, be sure to show gratitude by writing down what you’re grateful for.

The more you practice, the better you’ll become. I hope all of your dreams and wishes come true! You deserve it!