In 5 simple steps, you can enhance your well-being, facilitate healing, and enjoy radiant health! The connection of the mind, body and heart is such an important part of healing and your well-being.

In ancient Eastern traditions, the mind, body and heart are seen (and treated) as a unified whole. There is no “mind over matter” or “matter over mind,” because your mind, body and heart are all part of a holistic energy system.

Now, there is also a growing acceptance in the Western scientific and medical community that your mind and body are simply two manifestations of a single energetic being.

Modern neuroscience has confirmed that the brain’s neuroplasticity has the ability to change its shape and function according to mental activity and reinforcement. This powerful, potential ability exists throughout our whole lifetime. Focus and repetition allow us to directly influence the neural pathways of the brain.

According to the respected neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, “What happens in your mind changes your brain, both temporarily and in lasting ways.” By changing your thoughts and your behavior choices, you can literally change the brain’s physical structure and functioning.

So the mind, the brain and body are all part of the same whole energy system. When you tap into this energy, you can change the system on all of those levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

With that in mind, implementing these 5 steps will enhance your well-being, heal illness and allow you to enjoy radiant health! 


1. Meditation and Visualization to Calm Your Mind and Reduce Stress

You can access the power of your mind through visualization and meditation, which access different parts of the brain’s functions beyond linear thinking. By visualizing the energy that connects all of your body’s systems and connects your mind, body and heart to the universe around us, you will learn to progress through layer upon layer of energy. This will cleanse and rebalance each system from within.




2. Chanting Sounds for Emotional Clearing and Well-Being

By chanting certain sounds, such as  “OM”, you can mobilize the movement and absorption of chi (life force energy). Sounds activate energy with higher and deeper vibration. These sacred sounds allow the opening of energy channels and centers as well as quieting the mind, releasing and transforming tension.


3. Movement to Create Mind-Body Connectionqi-gong-enhance-well-being

The movements used in Qigong unite the mind with chi (life force energy). Slow movements allow for relaxation as well as an energetic flow. Deep movements allow the opening of energy channels as well as release of pain, blockages and stress. Mindful movements allow the mind to connect with the body and help quiet busy thoughts and mental stress.


4. Connecting Energy for Holistic Mind-Body-Heart Function

Everything in life is based on energy. Practice establishing your mind-heart-body energy connection so that these systems work together to experience a deeper wholeness. This process will release tension and stress from organs and muscles, thoughts and emotions.


5. Experience Oneness in Everyday Life

The profound sense of oneness with the universe and all life that you experience after consistent practice can be life-changing. Activating and cultivating your connection and unity with other people, nature, and the invisible spiritual energy of life is essential. You will regain a sense of purpose and belonging that you may have been missing for many years. ♥