Self love affirmations, truly, are simple. They’re you being in conscience commands of your thoughts. They are brief, mighty statements. If you say them, think them, or even hear them, they become the thoughts that create your reality.


More About Affirmations

Research has demonstrated that we have between 45,000 and 51,000 thoughts a day. That’s about 150 to 300 thoughts a moment. Research has likewise demonstrated that for most individuals 80% of those thoughts are damaging.

Affirmations make you consciously cognizant of your thoughts. If you begin making conscious favorable thoughts, you will become more aware of the damaging thoughts that are constantly threatening to take over.

Over time self love affirmations overwrite any limiting or damaging beliefs you might have about yourself or about not being able to do something. Your mind is then substituted with favorable thoughts and beliefs. This will instill self-confidence, belief, positivity and so much more.


Tips to Assist You in Using Your Self Love Affirmations

  • Of the 55 self love affirmations listed below, select a few ones that resonate with you the most. Repeat them daily, and if possible, multiple times daily.
  • Use post-it notes or note cards and write your affirmations down. Place them around your home. Your bathroom mirror or nightstand would be a great place to start.
  • Use a journal and actually write down your favorite affirmations or what you feel you need for the day. You can do this every morning, evening or both. You’ll find that writing instead of typing is a very powerful way of connecting with your inner self.
  • Repeat your self love affirmations either out loud or in your mind while you are meditating.
  • Set yourself reminders on your phone or calendar so you remember to do your affirmations.

Our Top Pick for a Self Love Affirmation Journal

Affirmation Journal

A beautiful inspirational journal to write in for women and girls of all ages with powerful motivational quotes inside every page.

There is lots of space to write all your beautiful ideas and beautiful thoughts.

Other Suggestions for Affirmation Journals

A Year of Zen

A 52 Week Guided Journal

Let That Sh*t Go

A Journal for Leaving Your Bullsh*t Behind and Creating a Happy Life for Yourself

55 Self Love Affirmations for Healing


1. Serenity is my natural state of mind.

2. I find love, light and contentment in my sacred space.

3. I am honest and true to myself.

4. I am free. I am me.

5. I accept every aspect of myself.

6. I love myself unconditionally.

7. I can manifest beauty and happiness within my life.

8. I have complete faith in myself.

9. I have the power within myself to heal.

10. I have a healing light within me.

11. I am never alone.

12. I am taking care of my physical body. My reward is health and happiness.

13. I deserve and will attract only good and positve things.

14. I forgive myself.

15. I forgive others that have done me wrong.

16. My needs are met now and always.

17. I recognize my inner beauty.

18. I deserve abundance.

19. I am a lover of peace.

20. I am free when my soul is free.

21. I am the power in my own prosperity.

22. I allow myself to enjoy the luxuries of life.

23. I know that my thoughts create my reality.

24. I use my mind for my highest good.

25. My thoughts and ideas have power.

26. I use my energy to create.

27. I am bringing in the right people at the right time to support me.

28. I set down my burden and move forward in strength.

29. True love is true acceptance.

30. True freedom is wealth.

31. I am inherently abundant.

32. The universe supports all of my material needs.

33. I am grateful that my life is changing course a positive new direction.

34. I fully receive the feeling of victory and success.

35. I am grounded in myself and know that my efforts make a difference.

36. Learning new things satisfies my soul.

37. I invite new information into my experience.

38. I release all that isn’t serving my highest and best on my journey at this time.

39. I trust in my own inner strength to empower and guide me in my life.

40. I will stay focused on my goals until I achieve them.

41. I find inspiration and beauty in everything around me.

42. I am open to receiving new information.

43. I am open to pivoting in new directions that can lead me to my desired destination.

44. I will be patient and trust in divine timing for all things in my life.

45. Even the darkest times have helped elevate me and I am grateful for those lessons.

46. Release fear and self doubts that are holding me back from sharing my gifts with the world.

47. I will create boundaries with people or situations that drain me energetically.

48. I do not let anyone or anything take me out of character.

49. I transmute excess aggression and energy into pursuing my goals and aspirations.

50. I release any blocks or obstacles and allow the fullness of my heart fill up my chest and fill up my life.

51. I allow my emotions and intuition to guide me at this time.

52. I will use my intuition to take the next steps on this beautiful new path.

53. The authentic expression of myself with attract people that are aligned with my soul path.

54. I affirm my hard work and efforts being rewarded.

55. Rest and rejuvenation are still productive.

This simple practice is so powerful! Enjoy your beautiful journey and remember, You Are Worthy!