Crystals, stones, and gemstones can all be used to enhance your manifestation abilities. There are many crystals to choose from but in this article we will be talking about 7 of the best crystals for manifesting whatever you

Best Crystals for Manifesting

Here are 7 of our favorite crystals we use often for manifesting:

  1. Clear Quartz – Use for raising your vibration and amplifying manifestation
  2. Citrine – Use to manifest abundance and prosperity
  3. Black Tourmaline – Use for grounding and protection
  4. Sodalite – Use for clarity
  5. Amethyst – Use to enhance intuitiveness
  6. Rose Quartz – Use to manifest love and compassion
  7. Pyrite – Use to manifest money

Simply find a crystal that resonates with you and with what you wish to manifest or achieve.

On one hand, you could be looking for a crystal to help you with certain aspects of the law of attraction such as letting go of limiting beliefs or gaining clarity on that which you desire.

On the other hand, if you already know what you wish to manifest, you can select a crystal that aligns with the energy of that wish. For example, if you are looking to manifest love, you can choose to work with rose quartz.

Once you have your crystal, you can start working with it. Infuse it with your manifestation intention. Hold it in your hand while visualizing. And, carry it with you as a reminder of what your intention is or what you are manifesting.


Below is more information on each of our favorite crystals for manifesting. If you’re looking for an assortment of crystals, the crystal kits pictured below are a great way to get started with crystal healing and manifestation.

Healing gemstone therapy kit
Love gemstone therapy kit
Purification gemstone therapy kit

1. Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz is considered “the mighty one” of all crystals due to its versatility and astonishing abilities! Use this crystal to set any intention and manifest many things at once.

Use clear quartz on your Crown Chakra.

3 1/2" Quartz obelisk

3 1/2″ Quartz Obelisk

Open yourself up to source and divine wisdom with this Quartz generator.


1 lb Quartz Untumbled Stones

Raw/Natural, un-tumbled quartz, a stone highly valued for its spiritual and energetic qualities, is known for being able to absorb and store energy.


Pure Energy Natural Quartz Crystal Kit

This powerful box set includes 6 Rock Quartz crystal points and a convenient drawstring satchel to hold your natural wonders.

2. Citrine


Citrine attracts abundance and wealth. It also aids in manifestation, enhances energy flow and prosperity, and can assist with psychic abilities and white light.

You can use citrine on your Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown, or Sacral Chakra.

1 lb Citrine untumbled stones

1 lb Citrine Untumbled Stones

Citrine is like the sun when it comes to new beginnings! Known as the stone of abundance and wealth. Wonderful positive energy for magical and healing work. 

1 lb tumbled Citrine stones

1 lb Tumbled Citrine Stones

Citrine is the manifesting stone that may also help you with creativity, protection from negativity, happiness, joy, confidence, positivity, study and learning, removes fear, nightmare prevention, psychic awareness, and good for relationships. 

Citrine rune set

Citrine Rune Set

Harness the energetic powers of Citrine for your next divination practice. Hand-carved runic letters on each rune piece made with this powerful stone. 

3. Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline is used for balancing the emotional and physical body. It is also great for good luck and protection.

Place near your computer to repel EMFs and radiation.

Black tourmaline can be used to balance all Seven Chakras.

Black Tourmaline gift box

Black Tourmaline Gift Box

A great gift box set, with each Black Tourmaline piece, is cushioned in its own box. Box of 12 pieces giving you three of each shape, spere, heart, pyramid, and raw piece. 

Tourmaline, Black palm stone

Black Tourmaline Palm Stone

The power of protection for you to keep close! Black Tourmaline resonates with the Earth’s energy, making this a powerful grounding tool. A top stone for protection as it will absorb the negative energy on you or in your environment. 


1 lb Black Tourmaline Untumbled Stones

Black Tourmaline resonates with the Earth’s energy, making this a powerful grounding tool. A top stone for protection as it will absorb the negative energy on you or in your environment.

4. Sodalite


Sodalite is a beautiful blue, calming stone known for increasing self-esteem and self-trust. It’s great for balancing emotions and calming the mind.

You can use sodalite on the Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra.

Sodalite worry stone

Sodalite Worry Stone

Hold this beautiful, calming worry stone in your hand to calm your mind and balance your emotions.

5. Amethyst


Amethyst is a stone of peace and helps bestow love and happiness to all who utilize it.

If you discover yourself addicted to anything and you’re working hard to check the addiction, an amethyst stone crystal may help.

Hold a stone, ask it to remove the desire, and then draw strength out of the stone. It helps you do away with all sorts of addictions.

You can use amethyst on your Third Eye Chakra or Crown Chakra.

1 lb Chevron Amethyst tumbled stones

1 lb Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Stones

Chevron Amethyst is formed where veins of white quartz and amethyst have formed together in the rock. This stone tends to combine the enhancing and purifying qualities of quartz with the stress-relieving qualities of amethyst and the strengthening qualities of both stones.

1"- 1.5" Amethyst obelisk

1″- 1.5″ Amethyst Obelisk

These sweet little points come packed with big energy. Great for gridwork or place anywhere you may be in need of assistance with, happiness, calming fear, emotional storms, courage, love, peace, addiction, dreams, helps with insomnia and nightmares.

8mm Amethyst bracelet 8mm Amethyst bracelet

8mm Amethyst Bracelet

This 8mm Amethyst bracelet may assist you in happiness, calming fear, emotional storms, courage, love, peace, addiction, dreams, helps with insomnia and nightmares, and is considered the “stone of peace”.

6. Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink stone known as the stone of unconditional love! If you’re looking to manifest love or self-love, then this is your stone.

Use this stone on your Heart Chakra.

1 lb Rose Quartz untumbled stones

1 lb Rose Quartz Untumbled Stones

Rose quartz is the stone of love and compassion. Given to humans by Cupid the Roman god of desire and Eros the god of love as a gift of love. Said to help with trust and reconciliation as it soothes and harmonizes the negative emotions with the energy of love. It has the energy to work with the heart chakra and may help you accept and understand past situations while restoring your trust.

Rose Quartz palm stone

Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Rose Quartz polished palm stone, fits comfortably and soothing into your palm. Many wonderful healing properties in this Rose Quartz, including, love, forgiveness, phobias, fears, unconditional love, and guilt.

8mm Rose Quartz bracelet

8mm Rose Quartz Bracelet

You can never go wrong wearing Rose Quartz! Many wonderful healing properties in Rose Quartz may assist with love, forgiveness, phobias, fears, unconditional love, and guilt. 8mm Beaded Bracelet.

7. Pyrite


Pyrite, also known as “fool’s gold” is great for manifesting wealth and abundance. If you’re ready to release limiting belief in regards to money, then pyrite is the one!

1 lb Pyrite untumbled stones

1 lb Pyrite Untumbled Stones

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone and will shield you against all forms of negative energy. Also known as fools gold and is one of the best feng shui stones for attracting wealth energy.

1 lb Chalcopyrite tumbled stones

1 lb Chalcopyrite Tumbled Stones

This Chalcopyrite is a copper iron sulfide mineral that is a similar color to pyrite or gold. Chalcopyrite is known to activate and align all the chakras, clear blocks, help with changing habits and routines, balance, and trust.