In this article, we’ll discuss what we think are the best crystals for beginners as well as chakras. Placing a particular stone on a specific chakra on the body is an effective way to use crystals to assist in healing.

While there are plenty of crystals you can use for healing, we’ll keep it simple and focus on two crystals per chakra so the learning process is easier to digest.

What are Chakras?

The word Chakra means “wheel”. Chakras are energetic “wheels” and we all have chakras at seven main points within our bodies. (See chart below)

Just like any other wheel, Chakras should turn. This allows our own and incoming energy to move through us. This movement ensures our energy doesn’t become stuck or tainted.

Whether it’s through extenuating circumstances, difficult situations, or just from a constant lack of awareness, our Chakras can slow down or stop turning altogether. When this happens, it stagnates the energy from flowing through us.

Because we’re dynamic creatures who thrive on being in motion, this can lead to discomfort, illness, or disease.

The benefit of placing a particular crystal on a Chakra comes from the stone’s energy vibration which can help get the wheel moving again. This movement then releases negative and stale energy while allowing positive, fresh energy in.


Best Crystals for Beginners and Chakra Placement

Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz:

There are quite a few stones for this Chakra (for example Citrine, Clear Tourmaline, Golden Beryl, Moldavite, Purple Jasper, Purple Sapphire, and Red Serpentine), but we’ll just focus on Clear Quartz and Chevron Amethyst.

Quartz is referred to as the “Master Healer” because of its universal ability to amplify energy, powerfully heal and raise one to a higher level.

  • Physical Healing: Considered the “Master Healer”, it can be used for any condition for healing.
  • Emotional Healing: Helps and unlocks memory; aids in concentration.
  • Spiritual Healing: Assists to raise one’s energy level to the highest possible point; resets energy back to the perfect state of being; deep soul cleanser.


Chevron Amethyst:

Taking the best of clear quartz and amethyst, it’s a powerful stone of protection with the high spiritual vibration of amethyst and the master healing qualities of quartz.

  • Physical Healing: Assists with vision; balances and harmonizes organs; stimulates the immune system.
  • Emotional Healing: Dissipates negative energy; aid in clear thinking to find answers.
  • Spiritual Healing: Stimulates the third eye; enhances one’s intuitive inner vision; aura cleanser.
clear quartz
chevron amethyst


Third Eye Chakra


There are quite a few stones for this Chakra (for example Apophyllite, Azeztulite, Azurite, Electric Blue Obsidian, Garnet, Herkimer Diamond, Kunzite, Malachite with Azurite, Moldavite, Purple Flourite, and Royal Sapphire), but we’ll focus on Amethyst and Sodalite.

Amethyst can bestow peace, love & happiness, and are powerful protection stone with high spiritual vibrations.

  • Physical Healing: Assist with blood and breathing issues; relieves migraines and headaches; aid in ridding addictions; assist the endocrine system and metabolism; reduces swelling and bruising.
  • Emotional Healing: Alleviates fears; calms the mind; enhances focus and decision making; balances the emotions.
  • Spiritual Healing: Enhances psychic abilities and communication; blocks negative energies and stress; promotes love of the divine; connects mind, body, and spirit.



Peaceful like its soothing blue color (which varies from dark to light), sodalite is a great enhancer of calm and meditation.

  • Physical Healing: Assists with metabolism; enhances the immune system; cleanses organs and the lymphatic system; heals the throat and throat-related issues; aids in digestive disorders.
  • Emotional Healing: Clears confusion; promotes rational thinking and verbalization of feelings; calms the mind and allows space for new ideas and insights; balances emotions; increases self-esteem and self-trust; helps those sensitive to electromagnetic smog.
  • Spiritual Healing: Allows for spiritual perception from the higher mind; simulates the third eye; promotes truth.
amethyst-best-crystals-for manifesting

Throat Chakra


A powerful filtering stone, Amazonite is ideal for those who work around a lot of electromagnetic pollution.

  • Physical Healing:  Blocks electromagnetic smog and pollution; relieves muscle spasms; assists with osteoporosis and related issues; calms nervous system and brain.
  • Emotional Healing:  Allows for clarity in problem-solving; alleviates worry and fear; dissipates negative energy and aggression.
  • Spiritual Healing:  Assists with the advancement of consciousness; manifestation of universal love.


Blue Lace Agate:

Blue Lace Agate is a brilliant healing stone and is especially beneficial to the throat area and to improve communication.

  • Physical Healing:  Assists with throat-related issues; should and neck tension; thyroid issues; infection of throat and lymph nodes; lowers fevers; strengthens skeletal system.
  • Emotional Healing:  Opens the flow of communication; allows for the easy verbal expression of thoughts and feelings; neutralizes anger; counteracts repression of feelings.
  • Spiritual Healing:  Helps achieve the highest expression of spiritual truths; fosters deep peace.
1 lb Amazonite untumbled stones

Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz:

With its soft pink color, it’s no surprise that Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love!

  • Physical Healing:  Assists with heart and circulatory system issues; heals lungs/chest, kidneys; increases fertility.
  • Emotional Healing:  Allows release of emotions; comforts and soothes internal pain; open one’s heart to receiving and giving love; allows self-love; initiates self-forgiveness and self-worth.
  • Spiritual Healing:  Purifies the heart and instills peace; encourages unconditional acceptance and love.



Serpentine (aka. new Jade), is an earthing stone that can assist in meditation and spiritual exploration.

  • Physical Healing:  Cleansing and detoxifying the body and blood; cleanses parasites; aids with hypoglycemia and diabetes; soothes mental and muscular pain.
  • Emotional Healing:  Balances mood swings and mental instabilities; encourages peace, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • Spiritual Healing:  Assists in meditating; assists with higher angelic guidance; enhances Kundalini energy and past life memory; balances issues from previous lives.
rose quartz


Solar Plexis Chakra


Citrine is known as an abundance stone. Feng Shui places it in a home’s “wealth corner” (from the front door, back left corner of the home).

  • Physical Healing:  Infuses invigoration and energy into the entire body; aids with environmental sensitivities.
  • Emotional Healing:  Attracts abundance and wealth; promotes courage, self-confidence, and esteem; enhances concentration and understanding; overcomes fears and anger.
  • Spiritual Healing:  Aids in manifestation; enhances energy flow and prosperity; can assist with psychic abilities and white light.


Yellow Tiger Eye:

Great for travelers, Yellow Tiger Eye is known as the “protection” stone and can bring good luck and prosperity. The ancients used it as a talisman to ward off bad luck and curses.

  • Physical Healing:  Assists with the eyes; enhances night vision; aids with throat and reproductive organs.
  • Emotional Healing:  Balances yin-yang; lifts moods; assists with personality disorders, mental disease, and internal conflicts; enhances coherency; supports commitment.
  • Spiritual Healing:  Grounds physical change to the body; promotes clarity of intentions and needs; enhances psychic abilities and protection.
1 lb Citrine untumbled stones
1 lb yellow tiger eye tumbled stones


Sacral Chakra


Carnelian (aka. Carnelian Agate) was used in ancient times to protect loved ones in their journey to the afterlife.

  • Physical Healing:  Metabolism-related issues and disorders; female reproductive organs and fertility; impotence; fluid regulator; arthritis and rheumatism; lower back problems.
  • Emotional Healing:  Calms anger; overcomes depression; improves analytical abilities and concentration; protects against envy and resentment (either yours or someone else’s); stimulates creativity and courage.
  • Spiritual Healing: Promotes acceptance of the cycle of life and death; enhances past-life recall.



Topaz is known as a stone of love. It’s commonly associated with abundance, good health, and fortune.

  • Physical Healing:  Aides in digestion and any eating disorders; stimulates metabolism; overall health manifestation; relieves stress.
  • Emotional Healing:  Boosts confidence; promotes openness and honesty; as well as self-control and realization; emotional stabilizer.
  • Spiritual Healing:  Attracts love, abundance, health, and joy; assists awareness.

Root Chakra


Also known as Heliotrope, Greek for “the sun” (helios) and “to turn” (trepein), Bloodstone was once used to shrink tumors, control weather, expel negative energy, and enhance positive spiritual energies.

  • Physical Healing:  Blood, blood-rich organs, and blood-related issues and disorders; such as anemia, circulation, clotting, bleeding, bone marrow, detoxing, cleansing, pressure, heart, kidneys, liver, intestines, spleen, bladder, tumors, and lymphatic system.
  • Emotional Healing:  Grounds heart energy; calms aggression, anger, and impatience; advances creative thinking, self-expression, and artistry.
  • Spiritual Healing:  Can help bring awareness into everyday life; cleanses lower Chakras.


Snowflake Obsidian:

Snowflake Obsidian is known as the stone of “purity”. It’s made of natural volcanic glass with partial crystallization, which results in lovely white ‘snowflake’ patterns (aka. Flowering Obsidian).

  • Physical Healing:  Skeletal, vein, and circulation issues and disorders.
  • Emotional Healing:  Calms and soothes; brings awareness to negative thought patterns; comforts loneliness.
  • Spiritual Healing:  Promotes inner centeredness, balance, and purity; cleanses mind, body, and spirit.

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