Distant healing with Reiki is especially beneficial in this day and time with everything going on in the world! That is one of the many remarkable and magnificent aspects of Reiki! Its healing ability is not constrained by space or time. You can perform distant healings on anyone, anything, or anywhere at any point of time (past, present, or future).

You can also perform a Reiki distant healing on more than one person at a time such as a group, whole family, or an entire area or region. A typical session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to up to an hour or more. Trust you intuition and let it guide you. Below is a guide you can use for a general distant healing and a specific distant healing.


General Healing

Prior to your session, set aside some time to rest or meditate. Also do a quick scanning session on yourself. Remember, your energy must be clear in order to help others.

You may also want to draw and activate the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Distance) symbol at the start of the session to help strengthen the connection.

1.  Relax: Get into a quiet place, or perhaps have some calming music or sounds playing very gently in the background.

2. Visualize: Focus on your recipient, visualize or “see” them in your mind’s eye or if you have a picture of them you can use that. If you have a hard time holding the image in your mind, you can repeat their name (or whatever it is that you are performing Reiki on) instead.

3. Set your general Intention for the session, but do not hold the intention in your mind. Set it, and let go.

4. Visualize & Move: “See” your recipient (or say their name), move your hands out in front of you, as though you were going to their head (or equivalent area) and, with your mind’s eye, “open” the top of their head (Crown Chakra). You do this by simply making the motion with your hands as though you’re opening double doors or a book.

5. Activate: Draw (activate) and place the symbol(s) into the “open” Crown Chakra of your recipient. You can draw the Power, Emotional, Distance or Usui Master Reiki Symbols as you progress through the session, or you can just use one that resonates with you most. There’s no right or wrong.

6. Move & Activate: Move onto their forehead (Third Eye Chakra) and repeat.

7. Move & Activate: Move onto their neck area (Throat Chakra) and repeat.

8. Move & Activate: Continue to their chest (Heart Chakra).

9. Move & Activate: Move onto their stomach area (Solar Plexus Chakra) and repeat.

10. Move & Activate: Move onto their hip area (Sacral Chakra) and repeat.

11. Move & Activate: Move onto their tailbone area (Root Chakra) and repeat.

12. Visualize: Sit back and with your mind’s eye, see your recipient glowing within a healing and loving ball of energy or mist.

13. Move & Visualize: Move your hands into this beautiful glow and “close” the top of their head (Crown Chakra).

14. Set & Disconnect: Draw the Grounding Symbol to “set” the energy into the recipient, as well as complete the session and untangle your energy from theirs using the grounding symbol.

15. Gratitude: Place your hands in a prayer position and mentally say, “Thank you for allowing this healing session to go exactly as it should for your recipient’s name.” If you don’t want to put your hands in the prayer position, simply express (in your mind) the gratitude for letting the session go just as it should.


Specific Distant Healing

To perform a more specific distance healing, simply repeat the General Distance Healing steps, except:

1. Intend: Set your specific intention to the area or illness

2. Activate: Draw the symbols either entirely into the specific area of concern, or ensure you go to the specific area of concern and place the symbols there in addition to the General Healing chakras.

3. Visualize: See the healing glow of the universal energy in the specific area more robustly than the rest.

If you’re interested in learning more about distant healings, I recommend this book, The Healing Power of Reiki. For more information on Self Healing with Reiki, this is a great article