If you are a beginner at Oracle Cards and are wondering how to do an Oracle card reading, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been using Oracle cards for spiritual growth and healing for years. 

Depending on the Oracle Deck you have, there may be recommendations in the guidebook on how to do readings. In this article, we’ll be going over some general tips on how to do a reading with your Oracle cards.

Beginning Preperations

While holding your cards, find a comfortable sitting position and close your eyes. Hold your cards and focus within, and then think or say something like this, “I ask the universe in helping me to tune in to clear guidance through this card reading and connect with me now through these cards.

Open Your Chakras

You don’t have to open your chakras to do an oracle card reading. However, I would recommend that you at least meditate for at least 5 minutes prior. You will be able to connect to your inner self and your intuition will be stronger. 

To open your chakras, focus within and imagine light all around you. Create a bubble of light flowing around you. Tune into light above, flowing down in a waterfall of light all around you, in through your crown chakra at the top of your head, down your spinal column in a crystalline column of light all the way to the light at the core of the earth. Feel your oneness with earth. And now, let the light at the core of the earth flow up, in through the bottom of your feet, up along your spinal column, out your crown chakra at the top of your head, up into direct presence with source, divine, all that is.

Let all of this light flow around you in a bubble of light. Now, consciously focus on your heart chakra, letting this energy center fill with light. Focus on your third eye chakra, imagining yourself taking a seat in your psychic, clairvoyant chair. Focus on your crown chakra, opening to receive direct divine guidance.

If you are interested in learning more about chakras, Chakra Healing is a great book.


Ask a Question

After meditating, glance down at your cards and begin by asking a question. You can ask, “What guidance do you have for me now that will most serve in helping me to reach a higher vibration?” Shuffle your cards in whatever way feels right for you.

Or, you could even fan your cards all out on the table in front of you before you draw a card. Use your intuition for  guiding you to the exact card to answer your questions. Continue to shuffle until a card either jumps out, seems to stick out a little bit, or just otherwise catches your attention. 


The three different card readings below are general guidelines. Every Oracle deck is different and most come with guide. These guides will help you understand the creator’s intentions. They also will help you go deeper with  interpreting each of the card’s meaning.

Use your intuition by looking at the illustrations and connecting with the card(s).

One Card Reading

A one card pull is one of the most common readings, especially for beginners.  If you’re in need for some emotional or spiritual guidance for the day, a one card pull is great for this.

You can do these readings every day or as often as you like. The universe tells you what you need to know for that day.

To do a one card reading, pay attention to the first intuition you receive as to what this card means, and then speak it. Don’t hold back or question it. Just share the guidance you begin receiving with love.

Two Card Reading

A two card spread is good for reminding us to focus on the present and release the old that is no longer serving us.

The two card spread tells you what the universe needs you to release and leave in the past. This spread also tells you what you should focus on in order to move forward in a positive and healthy way.

Three Card Reading

The three card reading is for receiving the primary message the universe would like you to know and work on.

In addition, the three card spread tells us what we have to release in order to reach that goal. It also reminds you of what you need to focus on in order to fully embrace the universal message.

I hope you enjoy your beautiful spiritual journey and wish you great health and happiness!