The moon has long been known to impact everything from the ocean’s tides, farming, and fishing practices, to personal moods, energy levels, and manifestation results. Learning how to perform full moon rituals can amplify your manifestation abilities.

Full Moon energy has a way of stirring up emotions and heightening psychic sensitivity. This is why performing a full moon ritual is a great way to release any patterns or habits weighing you down.

How to Perform Full Moon Rituals

A Full Moon Ritual is of course, best performed under the light of the Full Moon. However, know that the heightened energy of each Full Moon is present for the 3 days right around the exact Full Moon point.

So, the night before the exact time of the Full Moon and the night after will still have the heightened energy. Below are steps of how to perform a full moon ritual.

Gather your spiritual tools

Here are some ideas to get your intuition flowing:


Create a sacred space for your full moon ritual

Pick somewhere in your home or outside to perform your ritual. It can be magical to do your ritual outside under the moon. However, you may live in a place where you’re not able to. If this is the case, select a peaceful place in your home.

Start the invocation

Once you’ve settled into your sacred space, it’s time to call in your spiritual guides(Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors). Focus within, breathe, relax and begin to visualize white light surrounding you.

Here is an example of what you can say in your mind or outloud:
“I call in and forth my team of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. Surround me with Divine love, wisdom and healing light frequency.

“Guide me through this Full Moon Ritual and help me to release what no longer serves and to illuminate the highest Divine possibilities for my life.”


Once you’ve invoked your spirit guides, take a few minutes to clear your mind and tune in to their presence.

Focus on your breathing as you consciously clear your mind and concentrate on the space between your thoughts.

This allows you to feel into the higher realms of Spirit and tune into the powerful love and Divine frequency available to you.


Write and Release

Grab your journal or a blank piece of paper. Write at the top of the page “I now release.”

Then write from your heart whatever limitations or restrictions are holding you back from manifesting your intention. Just write and don’t hold back or restrict yourself from whatever comes to mind.

Once you’ve written down everything and emotionally purged what you want to release, write down “I now release this into the light of the divine.”

Tear your paper out of your journal or hold your paper up towards the light of the moon. Say aloud, “I now release this into the light of the divine.” Tear up your paper and burn in a firesafe bowl. 

As a final release, you can call on your spiritual guides to support and assist you in cleansing any thoughts or emotions that are no longer serving you.

Amplify Your Intention and Express Gratitude

Now that you’ve cleansed your energy and released whatever was holding you back from manifesting your intention, it’s time to tap into the amplifying energy of the full moon.

Close your eyes and begin to see, imagine, visualize and feel what it will be like to have whatever it is you most desire manifested into your experience.

Paint a vivid picture in your mind of the highest and best possible outcome coming true for you. The more realistic, vivid and detailed you can imagine the better.

Take out your journal and pen and put into writing what you would like your life to be like when your true intention manifests.

Feel the feelings of gratitude, the joy, bliss and elation of your intention perfectly manifesting into your life.

Write down in your journal something like this expressing gratitude for your blessings:
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the incredible blessings in my life.”



Once you feel your complete, the final step of your full moon ritual is to formally close it. With a feeling of love and gratitude, thank your spirit guides for entering into your space to support you.

Be open to the possibility that miracles are now in store for you. In addition, be open to receiving guidance and inspirations as steps you can take to support your highest intention in manifesting in your life.

Additional things you can do during your Full Moon Ritual

1. Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals: Place your stones and crystals outside under the moonlight. Or, you can place them in a windowsill under the moon light.

2. Oracle Card Reading: This is a perfect time to do an oracle card reading for yourself.

3. Take a Sea Salt Bath: Dim the lights, light a few candles, draw a bath and add in sea-salt, Epsom salt and lavender oil (or whatever essential oil you prefer).