Aromatherapy For Life Book

Reference Guide For 55 Common Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, and Hundreds of Recipes For Healthier Living

E-book and Paperback Available!


Are you interested in learning more about Aromatherapy and Essential Oils but are overwhelmed with how many oils there are, which oils to use, how to use them safely, how to blend, dilution guidelines, etc.?

Are you looking for a simplified, user friendly guide to learning the basics of Aromatherapy as well as DIY recipes you can make for yourself or use on your clients?

Or maybe you are currently using essential oils, but would like more information on some other essential oils and carrier oils?

After reading this book, you will feel more confident about using essential oils and be able to incorporate these magical oils into your daily life and/or use in your Holistic Healing practice!

In Aromatherapy For Life, you will learn:

  • Safety Guidelines- Best practices to safely use essential oils on or around adults, children, pets, and pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • 55 Common Essential Oils- Learn properties and healing benefits for 55 commonly used essential oils.
  • Carrier Oils- Common carrier oils with easy- to- follow reference charts listing properties and healing benefits for specific skin types and conditions.
  • Blending- Blending basics with specific essential oil blends for healing different emotions and ailments.
  • Aromatherapy DIY Recipes- Great recipes for inhalers, candles, diffusers, scrubs, bath salts, bath bombs, body wash, balms, massage lotions and oils, skin care, and cleaning naturally.