Living Lunarly


  • A 6″ x 7.95″ Hardcover book with 208 pages.

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As you follow the lunar cycle, you'll set monthly intentions, explore plant care, crystals, and meditation, and find new emotional strength in aligning with nature. Never has the idea of mindfully checking in with yourself and creating a "whole body" health, health that is more than simply the absence of illness been so appealing. This book reveals how introspection, ritual, and love can help you lead a more spiritually fulfilling life.

By following the book through the moons of the year, you'll gain a natural sense of the powers and properties of each season and phase of the moon, and of which rituals and practices resonate most deeply with you. As you incorporate these practices into the rhythm of your days, you'll find yourself moving in greater harmony with natural cycles, and benefiting from your deepening connection to the world around you. A 6" x 7.95" Hardcover book with 208 pages.


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