As a healer, reiki self healing is especially important. In order for our bodies to function at their best, all of our 7 chakras need to be balanced allowing our energy to flow smoothly throughout our body. If one of our chakras is not functioning well, then it will affect the other chakras to function at their best. Some chakras may work too much or too hard which sends our bodies and emotions into free-fall. 

Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives or healing others we don’t take time out to do reiki self healings on ourselves. Balancing your chakras in regular intervals or doing a quick scan will enable you to vibrate at a higher frequency. For many, it’s easier to do this before going to bed. Doing self healings in the evening promotes relaxation and healthy sleep.

We can balance the flow or overflow of energy in just ten minutes. Here is a reiki self healing method you can use:

1. Lie down straight or sit in a comfortable position. Feel free to have relaxing music or your favorite chant in the back ground. Close your eyes.

2. Take 3 long breaths in through your nose and out through your nose.

3. Heal your root and brow chakra together for three minutes. I use my right hand for my root chakra and left hand for my brow chakra and mentally draw the power symbol and then the distance symbol. You can use any method you prefer.

4. Repeat the sacral and throat chakra for three minutes and then move on to the solar plexus and heart chakra for three minutes

5. Seal by drawing the Cho Ku Rei symbol or by visualization.

With this method, chakras are healed by inter exchanging the excess and depleted energies of chakras. Try this on yourself and see how easy and wonderful this short method is! You don’t need to schedule extra time for self healing as many of us find self healing time consuming or boring to some extent.  

If you would like more information on healing yourself with reiki, check out this book. To learn a distant reiki healing technique, check out this article on Distant Healing With Reiki.