Many Reiki Practitioners have discovered that using crystals in combination with Reiki works beautifully. Although traditional Reiki doesn’t involve crystals, many practitioners have incorporated crystals into their Reiki healing sessions. Here are some great crystal kits to get you started on your journey.

Guidelines You Can Use For Selecting Crystals

  • When choosing crystals, use your intuition as a guide. You’ll know which crystals are right for you or the person you are working with.
  • If you don’t fully trust your intuition, become knowledgeable on which crystals are beneficial to each chakra. This will give you a crystal for each chakra. Check out our Free E-book on Healing With Crystals. If you would like more information on Crystal Healing I would highly recommend Crystals For Beginners and Chakra Healing.
  • Clear quartz is a great default crystal that can be used generally.
  • Hold your crystals in your hand and get to know them while you’re meditating and tapping into their wisdom.
  • Connect with a particular crystal by using the distance symbol. Notice the unique qualities of the crystal by the sensations you feel and the insights you receive during meditation.

Reiki Session Using Crystals

Simply hold them one by one in your left hand and draw the power symbol over them with your right hand. This offers each crystal the opportunity to connect with Reiki, just as you would with a person.

Always get consent from the receiver and explain what the session will entail and show them the crystals you will be using. You can also let the recipient choose which crystals they would like you to use during the session.

Place the crystals on a particular organ or chakra. Let the recipient’s response guide your placements of the crystals. Use your intuition when removing a crystal or a response from from the receiver such as a ‘sigh’ will often guide you.

Throughout the session, the distance symbol can be used to facilitate a deeper connection to the crystals being used. The power and emotional symbols can also be used over the crystals the same way as a Reiki session. Simply establish the connection to Reiki, place crystals as needed and let the receiver respond naturally. The response is felt by different sensations in your hands which helps to guide the experience.

Be sure to clear your crystals before and after a session. Meditate with your crystals often and honor them by keeping them in a special place such as a pouch or sacred alter.